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Times Changing

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Essay title: Times Changing

The world is changing, not only the natural appearance, but also humanЎ¦s culture and daily habits. For the newborn people, they might not realize how much difference between past and nowadays. Although people could read about the past in the history book, that does not mean people really care about it, because history is not associate with their life. However, there are people who pay attention on the changing in these days, because they are the one who are really experienced in the past liked my grandmother. She has a curly gray hair hang down to her shoulder. Many wrinkles appear on her forehead when she was showing her emotion, but she would put some makeup to cover up. As my mother, she is a woman that really likes to decorate her face. I could small the perfume on her body in two meters distance, but I think she will be more beautiful if she do not put so much perfume on her. In this interview, she did feel about the change of education and health care. However, the entertainment difference between the past and present of entertainment really made her feel the past will not come back again.

The first question I asked is the education differences. My grandmother didnЎ¦t have the opportunity to attend a high quality school, because in the past only rich people could afford to a higher level of education like college or graduate school. While other people could not afford to attend the upper level education and that is very common in the past. Currently almost everyone could go to school with the government support, and having a higher level education is not only for the well-off people anymore. When she talked about my mother, she usually would say that I should work harder. She thinks that the teacher doesnЎ¦t give children enough penalties, when they did something wrong. She believed that the corporal punishment is the best way to encourage students to study and behave. As a result, she could not believe that it is illegal to punish students like that. ThatЎ¦s why grandmother always asked my mother to discipline me if I were bad.

In the second question, I asked my grandmother about the health care the difference in the past and present. When I went to a hospital in Taiwan, there always had many old people staying in the hospital, because they were waiting to get medicines. Some of them were really sick, but some of them were only wanted to get some medicine, because they only need to spend about three dollars to get it. ThatЎ¦s because the government support a health insurance that would make the price to see a doctor become very cheap. As a result, many old people go to see a doctor because they are bored, or storing the medicine is one of their habits. Looking back to the past, my grandmother said that people didnЎ¦t see the doctor only for fever or cold because it was too expensive to see a doctor in her age. Even she did not know what are health care because health care did not exist in the past. ItЎ¦s luxurious for them to see the doctor, so most of the times they would stay at home and wait till the pain past away. For many families, they would have traditional medicines which handed down by their ancestor. People usually followed these descriptions to cure themselves. As an example,

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