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Tips for Job Hunting in Today’s Market

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Essay title: Tips for Job Hunting in Today’s Market

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Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace

Employees are becoming more concerned about their privacy as their employers are monitoring them electronically more closely than ever before. At the same time, certain state efforts to prevent employee electronic monitoring are not succeeding.

A survey by the American Management Association shows that about 78% of companies in the U.S. monitor their employees in some way.

Some states have attempted to protect employee privacy in the workplace. Despite concerns and some state setbacks, it is important to recognize that employers give some valid reasons for some employee monitoring.

More than 75% of companies say that monitoring helps them combat personal use of the Internet during business hours.

After Sept. 11, employers more than ever want to make sure that employees are not engaging in any type of criminal activity in the workplace. Workers still have legitimate concerns that their privacy rights might be invaded. Employers should develop more effective business equipment policies.

Surveillance technology is being built into the work place. Some employers argue that workplace surveillance is essential for security, safety, and productivity. Employers argue that they have a right to ensure that they “get what they pay for” and that the workplace is a place of “work” and nothing more. The individual call for workplace

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