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To Be or Not to Be Tough

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Essay title: To Be or Not to Be Tough

To Be Or Not To Be Tough

I believe that as a teacher you must have a balance of all the various characteristics and I will try to make it a point to do so. I will not really know the characteristics that will fit my teaching until I get some more experience actually teaching a class. As of right now I really do not have any experience teaching a class, so I can only predict what will fit me the best. I believe that it is important to come in on the first day of class and make the rules for the classroom very clear so that they are understood by everyone they will affect. You must also let your students know that you will stick to those rules and you must do so. The students must also know the consequences for breaking the various rules and let them know that they will be treated with respect.

I also believe that it is important to tell the children on the first day of class that as of right you now you trust each and one of them and you will continue to do so until they give you a reason to think otherwise. If the students feel like you trust and respect them I believe it will make them feel better about themselves, because they may not get that feeling anywhere else. They may have parents who disrespect them everyday and friends that make fun of them all the time. I know from my experience

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