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Totalitarian Government (north Korea)

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Essay title: Totalitarian Government (north Korea)

From what I understand about totalitarian, it’s a government centered state, which North Korea is a totalitarian state where the government doesn't tolerate any public deviation from the official line. Simply mishandling a portrait of leader Kim Jong Il is considered a crime. As I watched an online video I understood that it was also amazing to see footage of daily life in Korea, the absolute most impenetrable country in the world for outsiders and media. No one has ever been able to film daily North Korean life before. It is definitely one of hardship. Food is rationed. Electricity goes off at least a couple hours every night. There is one television channel, which again only works certain hours during the day, and is government-programmed with propaganda. Every kitchen has a radio that broadcasts government programming that can be turned down but never off.

From the information I read I don’t believe that there is any area around the world that could benefit by using a totalitarian government. Using this government is suicide for a nation and its people. To believe that taking away a person’s freedom and dreams in order to make a sovereign nation is complete “Bull”. Totalitarian system uses the same circumstances needed for liberal democracy and, harnessed to a fixed goal, acts

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