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Toy Store

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Essay title: Toy Store

While walking in Wal-Mart today I happened to find myself in the toy section. The first thing I did was to take a look at the boys section and then the girls section. The reason I split those to up is for what I found. I looked down each. When I looked down the one section it was more dark and gloomy looking. Then I walked to the other isle and looked down that one. What I seen in that isle was a much brighter isle which was lit up with bright colors.

I entered the girls section first and the first color that seemed to stand out to me was the pink. The first toy that seems to stand out to me is Barbie. The Barbie toys had different things to it. It had the Barbie dolls and then it had the accessories such as clothes and brushes for the Barbie’s. They even had houses and cars for the Barbie dolls. Then I continued to look around in the girls section. Usually the age groups are listed on the boxes. I also looked at the pictures on the boxes and it usually pictured that specific age group playing with the toy. It seemed like the further down the isle you walked the age group would go higher and higher. All the toys in the section were mostly lightly colored and not dark.

As I walked out of the girls section I walked over to the boys section. There the first colored I noticed was black. The toys in this section were action figures that had guns in their hands and were all disfigured. The boys section also had toy guns and swords. Things I really didn’t see in the girls section. The boys section as well had ages listed on the toys and kids that

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