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Troy Film Review

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Essay title: Troy Film Review

The movie Troy (2004) was based on the stories told within the Iliad written 3200 years ago. The story is a tale of one mans greed versus the land loving, pride fighting Troy army. Troy seemed to be outnumbered, but their faith in the gods, and the love of their own country helped them stand up strong against the enormous Greek army. With the kings' son, Hector a great war hero and powerful leader, the Troy army had seemed unbeatable. They were a very advanced and healthy city, protected by giant walls that stretched all around the city, making it nearly impossible for an army of this period to break it down. They were also protected by the Aegean Sea, since there city was located about a mile from the shores. Greece's best chance of attack was by crossing this sea. The Greek's were a loose unity of kingdoms that were all controlled by Agamemnon,

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