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United States-Centric Views Comparison

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Essay title: United States-Centric Views Comparison

Both tables show that Christian Americans have the better descriptors than the Muslim and Arab Americans. Both tables list descriptors in the Both Group category but they are different descriptors expect on (women as home makers). From both tables the descriptor says's Muslim and Arab Americans are sexist and male-dominated political environment, in which represents true facts. Males dominate political issues in Muslim and Arab Americans because there are no Muslim and Arab American women in the political environment. They also feel inferior to women so that makes Muslim and Arab Americans sexist towards women. I think that the two descriptors that are false are the well educated and strict moral values. I believe this is false because not all Christian, Muslim, and Arab Americans are well educated or have a strict moral value, these descriptors can apply to both or apply to neither group.

I believe an average Americans perception of a group is created by how they grew up or who they grew up with. Some Americans grew up with a racist family making them view the wrong opinion towards different groups. Some Americans may not of had parents or family members that were racist but they may have had followed what their friends

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