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Us Economy in Ww2

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Essay title: Us Economy in Ww2

Between the 1930's and 1940's a horrible genocide known as the holocaust had sweeped the world, killing over 11 million people. The United States did not get involved in what turned into World War II until after most of the damage had already begun. I believe that there are many economic reasons as to why the U.S. waited to include itself in the war and in the end why they did.

The United States may not have joined the war sooner because much economic growth was held in the Europe. American companies such as General Ford had many branches of business in the western countries. At a time where the Great Depression was sweeping over the U.S. and money was of great importantance; becoming involved in the war may have impacted sales dramatically, causing even less economic growth. Also, the more stable Europe was, the more they would continue importing and exporting to and from the United States. All throughout the country gasoline, water and food was being rationed because of speculation of the supply going down in Europe. By staying neutral in WWII, it took away the politics of the axis countries importing guns, steal and other material used in war, which helped a great deal in ending the Great Depression. Furthermore, I believe the U.S. did not join World War II, in the hope that by not getting involved they would spend tax money on reforming the economy instead of spending it on war. In the end, according to the United States had spent well over $304 billion in the WWII.

The United States did eventually get involved in World War II, but with some economic gain in mind. Before officially entering the war the U.S. provided weapons to the Allied Powers, thus making it a manufacturing powerhouse of the war. The United States industry was able to provide a massive amount of war flight machinery to the fighting effort. Sale of weapons jumpstarted the U.S. economy and I believe that, that might possibly be a reason as to why the United States is still one of the richest and most powerful nations

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