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V Company Swot Analysis

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Essay title: V Company Swot Analysis

SWOT Analysis


„« Strategic Alliances

„« Strong brand identity combined with strong regional brands serving local markets

„« A Global strategy ЎV companies with a national strategy are highly vulnerable to global firms; allows globalisation of customer preferences; scale of economies (Levitt 1983 in Grant page 431)

„« Structures and systems that allow automonous national subsidiariesЎV allowing flexibilty and differentiation for local preferences while maintaining close linkages that diffuse innovation and best practice. (Parsons:1996: Grant:2002: page 438)

„« Strong strategic alliances protecting supply and demand of products

„« Abilty to cross subsidise new markets

„« High levels of expenditure on R&D (Management report: 2004; Parsons:1996)

„« High levels of investment in employees (Management report:2004)

„« Recognised as a multinational company based in Switzerland ЎV this gives them trust from the public

„« Concentrate on long term develoment and profitability

„« Planning is bottom up, top down combined with approaches to markets, regions and strategic product groups (Parsons: 1996)

„« Policies for health and safety, sustainability, responsibilty and the environment.

„« Strong management commitment and practice which continously evaluates and innovates (Management report: 2004)


„« Not market leader in some markets in UK and other regions (Confectionary, baby food)

„« Power

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