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Violince in the Work Place

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Essay title: Violince in the Work Place

Violence at the Workplace

People in our everyday lives tend to act violently. Some people know how to control their temper some people just snap. Violence is always going on the law tries to stop it but it is very difficult to do so. Violence is also a problem in the workplace. In the workplace a manager who is a person responsible for making sure everything and everyone is doing what they are told to do at the workplace is responsible for preventing violence in the workplace. The manager is also responsible for keeping peace at the workplace. Most people would think that it is not really important especially in the workplace. When really that’s one of the major places you need to watch for violence. Some things the manager needs to do are things like watch for violent behavior, setting rules to prevent violence, ways to prevent workplace violence.

First of all a person might want to know what work place violence is. Workplace violence can be any act of physical violence, threats of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. Workplace violence can affect or involve employees, visitors, contractors, and other non-Federal employees. A number of different actions in the work environment can trigger or cause workplace violence. It may even be the result of non-work-related situations such as domestic violence or “road rage.” Workplace violence can be inflicted by an abusive employee, a manager, supervisor, co-worker, customer, family member, or even a stranger. Whatever the cause or whoever the perpetrator, workplace violence is not to be accepted or tolerated.

For many people, work is life; so losing a job is traumatic, even if the person affected expects the loss and sees it coming. Treat each situation as a lethal time bomb. The moment of separation is often a crisis. If it's handled well, everything thereafter goes smoothly, but if it's handled poorly, anything can happen. Therefore, proceed with caution. The key to an uneventful termination is planning. Whether laying off one person or a hundred, don't leave anything to chance. Large layoffs tend to be more unwieldy, therefore more dangerous. Don't try to ruin someone's career no matter how angry you are or how poorly he or she performed. Everyone is valuable somewhere. Try to find something positive to say, and then say it. Don't lie or mislead, but give a balanced opinion (William S. Frank).

There are several steps that employers should take to protect themselves against liability for negligent hiring. For example, an employer should carefully review all information on employment applications and rйsumйs before hiring an applicant. The employer should also question the applicant about any gaps in his or her employment history that could represent time served for violent crimes. Further, the employer should contact each prior employer to verify dates of employment and

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