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Voolv Case Study

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Essay title: Voolv Case Study

For us to find the appropriate distribution channels for VOOLV’s accounting and bookkeeping services we have to understand the specific wants of the market. To do this we can use channel management and determine the different types of distribution channels that we are going to use. In this case, direct marketing will be the primary approach in our marketing strategy.

Utilizing the direct channel approach, we can capitalize on print advertising in a specific market. For VOOLV’s, business people that we want to reach travel frequently, thus, travelers or business have access to in-flight magazines.

There are as many in-flight magazines as there are airlines today it seems. American Airlines has an in-flight magazine called American Way Magazine that focuses on the many needs and services of the business traveler, while United Airlines’ in-flight magazine is called Hemispheres. Hemispheres concentrates on the world traveler, but has specific sections aimed at stateside business travelers. Air Canada, Alaska, Aloha, Continental, Delta, Southwest, and U.S. Airways all have their own in-flight magazines that focus on the traveler.

VOOLV looks at this as an excellent marketing possibility. In addition to the in-flight marketing exposure, many of the airlines in-flight magazines have web sites that serve as electronic versions of the magazines.

The web sites will allow VOOLV to take advantage of exposure in previous

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