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Vw Strategic Analysis

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Essay title: Vw Strategic Analysis

Actual Customers

In order to get a review of the customer structure two models are used.

The UK socio-economic grouping and in addition the 9 Stages of life cycle

(Wells and Gubar, 1966). The first systems' usefulness is limited, due to the fact only rely on the occupation of the head (main income earner) of the household, but fails to put that into context of the rest of the household. Nevertheless, as Inskip (1995) argues, a deeply rooted sense of class does affect people's perception of the world an their aspirations

(e.g. self-image, self-belief or sense of success). The family life cycle models' effectiveness and applicability is difficult on modern families (e.g. two or more income holder) because simple generalisations about buying habits are not possible. (appendix 1)

The actual range of cars sold by VW have got a price range from about 6,000 pound for a

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