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Walmart Case Study

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Essay title: Walmart Case Study

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is the largest retail company in the United States and has been ranked number one on the Fortune 500 Index by Fortune Magazine. Wal-Mart has four parts to their corporate strategy.

1. Dominance in the Retail Market

2. Expansion in the U.S. and International Markets

3. Creation of Positive Brand and Company Recognition

4. Branch Out into New Sectors of Retail

Wal-Mart's public affairs strategy must work to make implementation of these policy goals happen. Its public affairs strategy enables the company to move into other sectors of the marketplace and expand into foreign countries. The public affairs strategy also involves gaining access to politicians who can help Wal-Mart achieve its goals. Wal-Mart has a very active Political Action Committee that gives almost a quarter million dollars annually.

While Wal-Mart's public affairs strategy works well with its corporate strategy. W e feel that there are a few recommendations which could

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