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Washington Mutual Marketing

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Essay title: Washington Mutual Marketing

Customers benefit from online marketing in many ways. It is interactive, immediate and provides access to an abundance of comparative information about products, companies and competitors. Marketers also benefits from online marketing. For them, it helps consumer relationship building, reduces costs, increases efficiency, provides more flexibility and is in the form of the Internet, a global medium that enables buyers and sellers in different countries to interact with each other in seconds. Businesses can conduct online marketing by creating an electronic storefront; placing ads online, participating in Internet forums, newsgroup or using online e-mail or web-casting.

Washington Mutual (WAMU) has focus its marketing strategy using the marketing mix. Most companies use the term marketing mix to describe the combination of elements that they use to achieve their goals for selling and promoting their products and services and WAMU is one of them. Its marketing tools are focused into the four P’s of marketing: product, price, promotion, and place. For product, WAMU is focusing in the services bank is selling and in this case is offer their services to the customers by either opening a savings or checking account, apply for a credit card, for a mortgage loan, student loans, or invest on retirement. WAMU is focusing on the customer’s perception about the services they are offering; therefore, the total of all financial costs that the customer

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