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Weight Loss Quackery

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Essay title: Weight Loss Quackery

A. This method of weight lose includes a pill, but also diet and exercise. This diet could work and be effective because it uses other healthy resources too. The website actually says that they make personal plans for each individual to fit their lifestyle. But the website also has a disclaimer at the bottom that says the average lose in a study was 3 lbs in a month, and that can be done by just diet and weight loss.

B. The actual full program changes both the intake and expenditure sides of metabolism. But the pill alone does not affect the energy balance equation substantially enough for weight loss to occur. This method as a whole with all three aspects increases amount of calories burned and decreases intake, therefore having a cut in calories losing weight. But the problem is what is in the actual pill, I searched on the website for almost 10 minutes and I could not find ingredients. I am really bad with computers but it was still impossible for me to find, therefore it would be hard for others.

C. From what I gathered on the official website for Trimspa,

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