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What Is Psychology? an Examination of Psychology and Psychologists

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Essay title: What Is Psychology? an Examination of Psychology and Psychologists

What is psychology? An Examination of Psychology and Psychologists

In my opinion, Psychology is about the logistical process of behavior. It includes answering questions reminiscent to why or how a certain reaction to a certain happening occurred. This study of behavior can be related to both humans and animals. A psychologist is someone who studies psychology in a numerous expanse of differing fields. Psychologists conduct their research through various studies and experiments, all of which range in different sizes of participants. Psychologists often use animals to conduct their research in a laboratory.

Psychology by definition is considered to be “the science of behavior and internal processes…Psychologists seek to explain how we perceive, learn, remember, solve problems, communicate, feel, and relate to other people, from birth to death, in intimate relationships, and in groups. They attempt to understand, measure, and explain the nature of intelligence, motivation, and personality, as well as individual and group differences. Psychologists may focus on mental and emotional disturbances, personal and social problems, psychotherapy, or improving group morale and intergroup relations.” (Morris C.G. and Maisto, 2005, 4) In other words, Psychology is the study of the mind, how humans are affected by their environment and surroundings, and how to describe, understand, predict, and modify behavior. The word “psychology” is derived from the Greek word 'psyche' meaning breath, spirit, or soul.

Psychology is used to understand many different things in life, and seek to answer many questions. How are personalities formed? How do children acquire language and develop morals? How does puberty and the search for identity affect the growing adolescent? Why do hearts beat faster when we’re scared? Is intelligence hereditary? Do men and woman approach things differently? Is personality given at birth or is it developed through environment? Is it possible to pre-determine someone’s abilities before they are hired? These are all just some of the questions that the study of psychology tries to answer.

Examples of the different fields in psychology include developmental, physiological, cognitive, personality, clinical and counseling, social, and industrial and organizational psychology. Developmental psychology is the “study of human mental and physical growth from the prenatal period through childhood.” (Morris C.G. and Maisto, 2005, 4) Experimental psychologists “conduct research on basic psychological processes, including learning, memory, sensation, perception, cognition, motivation, and emotion.” (Morris C.G. and Maisto, 2005, 5) Personality psychologists “study the differences among individuals in such traits as anxiety, sociability, self-esteem, the need for achievement, and

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