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Wilfred Owen's Timeline

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Essay title: Wilfred Owen's Timeline

Wilfred Owen's Timeline

Wilfred Edward Salter Owen

Early life: Born March 18th 1893, in Oswestry Stropshire. He was the eldest of four children. He lived with his parents, Thomas and Susan Owen in a house owned by his grandfather. When his grandfather died in 1897, they were forced to move to the backstreets of Birkenhead. Wilfred Owen was raised an Anglican of the Evangelical school.

Owen passed the maltriculation exam for the University of London, but not with thee first-class honours he needed to do the scholarship. For free lodging and some tuition for the entrance exam, Owen worked as a lay assistant to the Vicar of Dunsden. He also worked as a pupil teacher at Wyle Cop School. He then went on to study Botany and Old English at the University of Reading.

Wilfred Owen went on to work as a private tutor in the Berlitz School of Languages in Bordeaux, France, teaching English and French.

Wilfred Owen and the War: Wilfred Owen enlisted on the Artists' Rifles on the 21st October 1915. For the following seven months, he trained at Hare Hall Camp in Essex. Owen was commissioned as a second lieutenant with The Manchester Regiment in January 1917. Owen started in the war as a cheerful and optimistic man, but soon he changed forever. After many traumatic experiences, which included leading his platoon into battle and getting trapped for three days in a shell-hole, Owen was

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