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William Faulkner

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Essay title: William Faulkner

William Faulkner

Although leading the life of an educated writer William Culbert Faulkner experienced the times of his life as a Hollywood writer. Probably known as the most famous writer/author of his time Faulkner adapted to his new lifestyles rapidly, and still remained well known in both the movie and book industries.

Faulkner was born September 25, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi. His named was inherited from his grandfather William Clark Faulkner, a skilled businessman and writer. After relocation to Oxford, Mississippi Faulkner’s father started the First National Bank (“William Faulkner #3”). As a child in Oxford, William held a very artistic ideal of life, often drawing and writing poetry in school. Faulkner also met his mentor, Phil Stone and his sweetheart, Estelle Oldham in Oxford.

Estelle later married a young man named Cornell Franklin in 1918 while still in her youth. Stone on the other hand read Faulkner’s work and instantly recognized his talent and gave him advice and models for study. He also invited Faulkner to stay with him in New Haven, where he worked in a New Haven Arms Company. Faulkner was later invited to be a cadet in the Royal Air Force in Canada. On his application papers Faulkner lied about many things to appear British.

Faulkner never served in the war and never finished training. Although his record showed a lack of military experience Faulkner still exaggerated stories of war on his return home. In 1919, Faulkner quit his brief life of a veteran to enroll in the University of Mississippi. During his time at the University, Faulkner wrote for many local magazines and papers along with the school yearbook and newspaper. Among his many other college accomplishments, before he dropped out in 1920, was the founding of the University drama club ‘The Marionettes’ (“William Faulkner #2”).

For about a year Faulkner wrote for the Mississippian and worked several odd jobs until finally he was recommended a job by Stark Young. The job was as a bookstore assistant in New York City (Walsh). In 1924 many of Faulkner’s poetic works were published in a book entitled The Marble Faun.

With his poetry book now published Faulkner moved to New Orleans and fell into a literary group that revolved around a literary magazine known as the Double Dealer (“William Faulkner #1”). Among the other few in this crowd of writers was Sherwood Anderson, another well-known southern writer. During a brief stay in New Orleans, Faulkner wrote for the Double Dealer and wrote his first novel Soldier’s Pay. During August of 1925 his book was being published in Europe and so Faulkner made the move across the Atlantic to eventually settle in Paris, France. By December Faulkner had moved back to the United States.

Faulkner’s second novel Mosquitoes is considered one of his weakest works. For his third novel Faulkner set out to take Anderson’s advice to write about his native region. His book would be based on the life of his great-grandfather during the Civil War. With a short success of books Faulkner had decided to write a book strictly for pleasure, but little did he know that the book was actually ‘publishable’.

After having written a book strictly to entertain him it was time for Faulkner to make money. With money on his mind Faulkner wrote Sanctuary a book that he later admitted was a ‘money’ book.

In April of 1926 Estelle had divorced her husband and married Faulkner bringing along her two children Malcolm and Victoria (“Faulkner, William”). Now working nights in a power plant Faulkner’s creative genius seemed to be at stake but still he wrote another book to add to his ever expanding collection. In April of 1930 Faulkner bought a home in Oxford that sank him deeper into debt.

In 1931, Faulkner and Estelle had a daughter named Alabama but she was born prematurely and died in a matter of days. Soon after Alabama’s passing Faulkner began work on his latest novel named Dark House. The novel was Faulkner’s first adventure into race and lineage, because it features a main character that was of a mixed racial lineage with an unknown past (“William Culbert Faulkner”). The book would be published as Light in 1932.

In 1932, Faulkner experienced his first time as a screenwriter for MGM after signing a 6-week contract to produce a screenplay based on his book Turn About. After his father’s death Faulkner now needed to support his mother, as well as, his own family. With a larger need for money Faulkner looked to the lights of Hollywood for the answer.

In May 1933 Faulkner’s contract with MGM expired and in June of that year Faulkner’s only surviving daughter Jill was born. On Faulkner’s next Hollywood tour of duty he began work with 20th Century Fox. While working a 20th Century Fox

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