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William Shakespeare

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Essay title: William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare has always been credited as the greatest writer of all time. Many

people still do not understand how much Shakespeare has influenced our entertainment industry.

Almost every movie out has used one of Shakespeare's ideas to entertain our society. Dumb &

Dumber, possibly one of the best comedies ever, shows many similarities to the works of

William Shakespeare. Both Dumb & Dumber as well as Hamlet consists of, very similar

characters, the lose of ones true love, and horrid acts of betrayal.

The easiest similarity to see is how the characters are so closely related. Dumb &

Dumber has its own Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, but known better as Joe Mentalino, and J.P.

Shay. In Hamlet Rosencrantz and Guildenstern act as a friend of Hamlet, but actually serve the

King. They are put on a mission to have Hamlet killed. This is almost identical to what goes on

in Dumb & Dumber. Both Joe and J.P. serve has mobsters to Nicholas Andre. Nicholas orders

these two hit men to kill both, Harry and Lloyd. In addition to these two characters, Nicholas

Andre of Dumb & Dumber is very similar to King Claudius of Hamlet. Both these characters

have done something to betray their own family. Claudius is responsible for the death of his

brother. Whereas Nicholas is accountable for the disappearance of Mary's husband. An even

greater similarity is that the audience witnesses the downfall of these men in the end. Claudius is

killed by Hamlet, whereas Nicholas is arrested by the police.

In both movies, each of the main characters end up making sacrifices for the ones they

love. Hamlet chooses to stay on his quest for vengeance, which meant giving up the girl he truly

loves. Because Hamlet chose to do that, his love, Ophelia drove herself insane, and ended up

killing herself. A very similar idea happens in Dumb & Dumber. Lloyd changes his entire life,

in order to bring his new love a briefcase she left at the airport. He travels across the country to

be with the one he loves, totally unaware that she is a married woman. When he learns of her

martial status, his is in total shock and all he can say is, "What about all that one in a million

talk?" So desperate for her love he clings on the chance and he will one day be with her. Lloyd

isn't the only one who loses a love. Early in the movie Harry is traumatized by the sudden death

of this pet bird Petey. He arrived as his home after a long

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