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Women’s Role

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Essay title: Women’s Role

Women’s Role

Over the course of the last century, women’s roles have been changing a lot, in positive ways. Nowadays more women are getting more and more important in the society. They are getting into the politics and making changes in it, and they are gaining the man respect.

There have been many changes in my country, and the most relevant one is how women’s role has been changing over the years. Years before, women could not have respect for man; they used to do what man wanted to. Nowadays that has changed a lot. Women are gaining their respect as a woman and as a worker. For example, the Delany’s sisters gained the respect of everyone because were very brave and they received a college degree even when man did not. Now, we have rights and man respect women like them.

In the society, the role of women is getting bigger. Women are doing man’s work and sometimes woman do it better. I think it is because we are more patient and more intelligent. I remember when I was little that my dad says that only man can work, because he thought that cleaning the house and taking care of the children were the only things women were able to do. Well I think this had changed a lot because now both, men and women, are working and taking care of home. Sometimes is the women who gets the money

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