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Work Related Stress and the Physical Effect on the Human Body

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Essay title: Work Related Stress and the Physical Effect on the Human Body

Work Related Stress and the Physical Effect on the Human Body

Work related stress is a harmful emotional and physical response that happens when job requirements do not match up with the resources, capabilities, or needs of the employee. Most job require task that can be considered difficult or stressful, there are certain job conditions that will definitely cause stress to most people. These certain conditions include: excessive demands, workloads, or inconsistent expectations on behalf of the employers and/or employees. When stress in present in an individuals body, it usually sets off an alarm in the brain, which cause another alarm in the body to prepare for defensive action. The action known as the fight or flight response typically begins in which the nervous system often becomes aroused and hormones are released to sharpen the senses, quicken the pulse and respiration, and tense the muscle. Everyone that is under stress is known to response the same way, because this helps the human bodies defend against threatening situations.

There are many external pressures could be considered a positive factor, helping our bodies to make us more productive. In fact, several people succeed under short-term added pressure, and our bodies are designed to meet those short-term demands. Nevertheless, too much lingering stress can take its toll, producing a range of emotional and physical health problems which is commonly grouped as "work-related stress". At this point in research, there is no single cause of work related stress, because stress can be generated by unexpected pressures, it is frequently the result of a bunch of stressful factors or events which linger over a period of time. Believe it of not some people become so used to a lot of stress that it tends to go unnoticed until it has gotten to the point of being harmful. Some emotional and behavioral symptoms include: short temperedness at work and at home, smoking and drinking to get you through the day, inability to plan, concentrate and control work, poor relationships with colleagues or clients, and etc. Not only does stress cause emotional and behavioral problems, but it also cause physical problems that can lead to deadly affects. Some physical symptoms include: headaches, raised heart rate, blurred vision, excessive tiredness, and etc.

People consider work related stress to be a mental factor that is overly exaggerated by other, when in fact stress is a very serious illness that can lead to many long-term serious problems if left untreated job stress can lead to some serious problems, which include: Cardiovascular disease, (a disease of the heart or blood vessels), Musculoskeletal disorders, (Some people whose jobs involve intensive keyboard use have reported experiencing pain in their wrists, arms, and neck), and Psychological disorders, (such as obsessive-compulsion,

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