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Work-Study Position: Clubs Administrator

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Essay title: Work-Study Position: Clubs Administrator

Work-Study Position: Clubs Administrator





Data Management


Management & Leadership


Number of Positions: 1

Position Description:

The University of Toronto at Mississauga Student’ Union (formerly known as ECSU) is a non-profit student union, representing 10 000 U of T at Mississauga students. The University of Toronto at Mississauga Students’ Union provides services such as 2 cent photocopy, the University Universal Pass, Essay Printing, Bursaries, Food Bank, Free Tax Clinics, and Advocacy on behalf of students.

The University of Toronto at Mississauga Students’ Union is also committed to creating, promoting and preserving “Student Life” life on campus by holding Events, Campaigns, and Projects.

Position Portfolio: Clubs Administrator

As a Clubs Administrator, the work study will use their organizational and communication skills to ensure the administrative aspect of clubs recognized by UTMSU runs smoothly.

Duties will involve accepting old club renewal requests, accepting and reviewing new club recognition requests as well as making sure club’s offices are adequately assigned. In addition to this it will be the Clubs Administrator’s duty to ensure clubs are using the given office space efficiently by ensuring they are following their office hours.

The Clubs Administrator is also responsible for accepting long and short term club funding proposals and bringing them forward to the clubs committee. He/she must schedule the clubs to come to the clubs committee meeting and speak about their funding proposals. He/she must also sit on the Clubs Committee as an ex-officio non-voting member.

At the end of their term, the Clubs Administrators shall be required to recommend to the Clubs Committee a list of clubs for nomination for different Recognition Awards.

The Clubs Administrator will be responsible over the compilation of the Clubs Newsletter under the supervision of the Vice President Campus Life.

We welcome our work-study staff to bring in their skills and experience to evaluate the club services and make recommendations to improve the quality and efficiency of our current club services.

Benefits of Working at the University of Toronto at Mississauga Students’ Union

• As a Services Specialist, you will enjoy a lively and high energy work environment in a student union.

• We will help you take your leadership, management and organizational skills to a new level! The University of Toronto at Mississauga Students’ Union also offers our volunteers and staff training in various computer software which, will

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