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You Still Think That the Usa Is Democracy

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Essay title: You Still Think That the Usa Is Democracy

Democracy is possible precisely to the extent of how it does not threaten the interests of the state. Authorities never voluntarily give you legal options if there is a chance that your choice may damage the existing public order or the country. Thus, democracy can only be secured in stable states that do not have anything to lose. Yes, we can speak about democracy in Switzerland and Finland. Because these countries have to go mad, that would try to change the current regime from within. And nobody from the outside will not, because these countries have no geopolitical interests, no geopolitical and economic value. There is no more natural resources, these countries are not of interest as a springboard for economic or military expansion anybody anywhere. And there is no point being to change the power, therefore it is obedient. But another thing this country as the United States. The U.S. government must survive a mind that would allow people to manage public order and provide at least a meager chance that something in this stroe significantly change.

Democracy is like a huge state established mechanisms in which all kolesiki krutyatsya as needed State. Construction arranged so that kolesiki can turn in any direction. But the main know-how that mechanism: where would not twist the individual kolesiki, the mechanism will work just as before.

Do you think the U.S. being fair presidential elections? Yes, they are honest. Even the view that J. Bush, in 2000, rigged election results in Florida with the help of his brother (see Fahrenheit 9 / 11), let us consider that the elections were fair, because the evidence to the contrary, we have no (and for that killed Kenedi?). But the main feature of these elections is that they not be spoofed.

How to choose candidates in Russia? The most serious limitation - under the Constitution, the candidate must be older than 35 years. The Constitution guarantees that every citizen over 35 years could become president. Of course, this is not so simple, elections in Russia - a separate story, but how does this happen in the U.S.? Around the same. The difference is that the chances to win the elections are only two candidates from two parties. They decide who slip to their constituents.

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