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Young Teens and Sexuality

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Essay title: Young Teens and Sexuality


Why many aged 12-15yr olds are having sex

Many teenagers have already had sex by the ages of 12, 13, and 14.According to Ukweli newsletter (March 1999) in Kenya, 19% of teens were sexually active by age 12, 25% by age13 and 38% by age14 . In a similar report published also in1999 by Dr Clifford Hill claimed that in Britain 17% of 13-15 year olds were sexually active.

Looking at the statistics one may notice that there are a high percentage of sexually active young teens, why is this the case? Is it because these people who are still children in many adults’ eyes out of control of their own emotions? Surprisingly, there are many reason’s why a twelve year old engages in sex. As Ukweli newsletter (1999) stipulates that experimentation as a result of curiosity, naivety, peer pressure and influence may influence them to have sex. The others may be physical, emotional and sexual abuse during early childhood which can result to low self esteem putting them in a situation where they cannot say no to sex. Early sexual involvement may have been caused by use of addictive drugs like alcohol while socializing with older people who are regular users of the said addictives. Also traditional pressures, for example, wife inheritance, polygamy and violence against women cause young teens to have sex. In most cases the women are as young as twelve years.

The list goes on from here but the above gives you an idea of the pressures that drive youngsters to early sexual experiences. Although this is the case the idea of an active sex life at ages 12, 13 and 14 is not acceptable. The dangers of having sex at an early

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