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Your Hidden Mind Power:

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Essay title: Your Hidden Mind Power:

Many people believe that their beliefs are based on reality, when, in fact, their reality is the result of what they believe. Your body responds to what your mind dictates, but most of the time it does so on a subconscious level. Every person regardless of background, education, or social status has enormous mental capacity that he or she habitually fails to use. There is no problem you cannot solve or overcome and no goal you cannot achieve when you learn how to unleash the power of your subconscious mind and use it to its full capacity. You have only one mind, but that one amazing mind possesses two distinct parts: the conscious and the subconscious. You could say that the conscious mind is the master of the subconscious. However, the subconscious has the real power because it is the part of the mind that initiates change in our lives. Only a small percentage of people ever discover the subconscious mind, understand how it works, and then learn how to use it to achieve complete success in whatever they set out to accomplish in life. When you learn how to use your subconscious mind properly, you can bring into your life more power, more wealth, better health, more happiness, and overall success.

Many experts claim that most of us use only ten percent of our subconscious mind. Some may find this hard to believe since the subconscious mind makes up an estimated 92% of the total brain, while the conscious mind makes up the remaining 8% (The Genie Within, 2005). Before we can tap into the powers of our subconscious mind, we must first learn exactly what the terms conscious and subconscious refer to. A basic dictionary definition describes the conscious as "that part of a person's mental activity of which he or she is fully aware at any given time". The subconscious is defined as "occurring without the conscious perception or only, with a slight perception on the part of the individual".

Most of our brain's activity does not occur consciously. It is our subconscious mind that controls all the organs that make our bodies function, as well as innate abilities such as breathing, blinking, and swallowing. It's our subconscious mind that allows us to drive our car, listen to the radio and eat an apple without really paying much attention to any of these activities. It's our subconscious mind that never sleeps, and takes in and stores everything that we see hear or experience, even the things we pay no attention to. It's our subconscious mind that makes our daily living possible by allowing us to do hundreds, if not thousands of actions every day without even thinking about them. It's almost impossible to overestimate the infinite powers of the subconscious mind (Zancanaro, 2005).

Our subconscious mind has been developed through a programming process that began at birth and will continue throughout our lives. We are constantly in a state of learning, whether it is from our achievements or our failures. Learning is a process which can be accelerated through direct access to the subconscious mind. The key to success is to take charge of the learning process. Your subconscious mind is the seat of habit , and habits build up in the same way you learned to walk, swim, type, ride a bike, or drive a car. You repeated certain thought patterns over and over, and after a certain length of time these patterns were implanted in your subconscious mind. Now you do these things automatically, without giving much thought to them. Some might call this "second nature" (Kennell, 2005). Basically, you programmed these thoughts into your subconscious mind by repeating them over and over to your conscious mind. Look at your conscious mind as the doorway into your subconscious mind.

All your experiences, events, conditions, and acts are produced by your subconscious mind in reaction to your thoughts. Whatever you claim mentally and feel as true, your subconscious will accept and bring forth into your experience. In other words, your subconscious creates everything in your life based on the messages and information you send to it. Every thought is a cause, and every condition is an effect. If you want to change external conditions you must change the cause. The cause is the way you use your conscious mind, and the thoughts and images you create within it. Most people try to change conditions and circumstances by working on them directly, which is a waste of time and effort. They fail to see the effect (condition) was a result of a cause (thought). Change the cause and you change the effect. It's that simple (Murphy, 2000).

Manifestation is the process by which one consciously creates one's reality. While we are constantly creating our own reality, we are not always creating our own reality consciously. Often, it is our subconscious that is creating our reality. This happens when we simply allow our subconscious beliefs

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