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Does this site talk about long term storage food or long term food storage? It talks about both the food and it's storage over the long term. What makes food "long term storage food" is both about the food, it's preparation and packaging as well as where and how it's stored. And even about a mentality or sense of preservation which speaks to a life-style change. For many people, changing lifestyle is very threatening. Being made to change your lifestyle always sucks. Changing your own lifestyle can often be good. We saw that people are willing to change but don't know how in a very basic way. We also saw that people don't know how to connect spirituality with science without a great deal of conflict so we decided to speak to that too. Science has been very helpful in proving that we were right all along (joke).

What we have so far is a lot of people offering a lot of great storable food products and information but how do we know what

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