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1920's Dbq

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1920's Dbq

The 1920’s DBQ

“I am fed up with Jim Crow laws, people who are cruel and afraid, who lynch and run,…” (Doc 3,text) In the 1920’s African American culture was becoming a huge influence in art, literature, and music. Also the automobile and many other industries were booming. There was also a large amount of fear going on and being brought to the U.S. There was many factors life caused Americans to be afraid. The 1920’s is known as the “Age of Paranoia” because I think it had the largest impact during the decade on people and had a large factor of issues.

One reason the 1920’s is known as the “Age of Paranoia” was there was a lot of fear and mostly anger with immigrants coming to the U.S. to live. We didn't want them here taking jobs and the money of Americans. Also we didn't want them coming trying to change our way of life. In the picture of Uncle Sam he is angered and has the immigrants, specifically communists “reds”, in his hands to throw them out. (Doc 4, photo) Americans are kinda questioning “whose country is it?” because so many immigrants with different beliefs are coming to the U.S., and it angers and places fear in the U.S. that they could overpower the American people. They could even instill their beliefs into some Americans causing more problems and fighting.

The “Age of Paranoia” is also the best name for the 1920’s because there was a lot of focus and energy put into controlling the people coming in (immigrants) due to our bias beliefs about who can come in and how many of them. The northwest Europe and Scandinavia has a much higher quota limit than Eastern and Southern Europe. Overall total annual immigrant quota:164,667 (Doc 2, text) We took a lot of control in limiting how many immigrants were allowed per year, and

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