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The book I've read is written by the end of the second world war and is a future novell. The future he wrote about was a new english society. The main character Winston Smith, 39 years old, lives in London and works at the "Ministry of Truth". This is one of the Ingsoc's instituitions. Ingsoc stands for English Socialism and they are a horrifying government that Winston Smith dislikes. The government is known as Big Brother and they have control

of everything, all people living in this sick world are brainwashed except forWinston Smith and a few others. In this book we follow Winston Smith and his life in this nightmare world. He meet a girl, search for a secret group called the Brotherhood and the story goes on.

To be honest I've not finished the book yet, but so far I found this book interesting. In today's

political debates the "Big Brother"

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