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22nd Amendment

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22nd Amendment

The proposals that have been put forth to repeal or modify the 22nd amendment are constitutionally incorrect. The proposal to revise the 22nd amendment should be challenged. This amendment is indeed necessary to safeguard and prevent the developments of a virtual dictatorship.

The approach to change the amendments for our future and current presidents and holders of other offices should not be modified in the intent of bettering the community. "The Nations first president had the opportunity to be elected for a third term, but declined it, suggesting that two terms of office was enough for any president." As source A, states the fact that George Washington had more than enough time to make a difference to society. According to source C "The two-term limit that stood for 142 years was broken by the 26th president; Franklin Roosevelt, and after Roosevelt died in his fourth term, the opposing Republicans heavily supported the draft for the 22nd amendment." The fear of the Democratic Party holding office long after the two-term tradition led to the promotion of the 22nd amendment.

Source E identifies graphics in which challenge the revision of the 22nd amendment, the chart demonstrates percentages of 19 states that are in favor of the term limits. Source E also identifies picketers "Vote for new faces" in city hall, demonstrating the preference of term limits.

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