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28 Days

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28 Days

28 Days

In the movie 28 days, emotional and physical the ups and downs of Gwen while in the treatment center are shown through many things and people. The movie itself is about this woman who is an alcohol abuser, and is forced to be put in a treatment after she screws up her sisters wedding and destroys property. It shows the different activities in the center that are used to cure everybody.

In the movie, the different dimensions of Gwen are affected by her alcohol abusing. The one I noticed most was how her families respect and love for her was altered. Her sister basically hated her for some time after ruining her wedding, cake and all. When Gwen decided to call her sister and ask for her help for one of the centers programs, she basically slapped her in the faced and screwed her over. The point is though that alcohol will allow people to lose respect for you, mainly because you do things you regret and sometimes embarrass other people.

Also, her health was obviously affected. Whenever you pump that much alcohol into your system, your liver becomes depleted. Without your liver being fully functional, your body cant filter and get rid of the alcohol. Mental health was also an area within Gwen that took a beating. She never knew what she was doing, she didn’t think when she did do something, and she would not admit that she had a problem. Not admitting you have a problem is what often drives alcoholics, or abusers of any type, to death. I say that because if you are an alcoholic, but you don’t admit it, you will continue to drink at will until your body can no longer handle all the alcohol.

The were at least 3 different relationships that Gwen had which ended up helping her to recover. Obviously the main one would be her relationship with her boyfriend. What was different about this relationship was that it helped her in a completely different way. When she saw what an

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