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A Child Called It

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A Child Called It

Pelzer, Dave. A Child Called "It". Deerfield Beach: Health Communications, Inc., 1995.

The title of this book has to do with what Dave went through as a child. He was just referred to as a child by “It”. Dave’s mother didn’t care about him enough to call him by his first name. Throughout the book, his mother avoids calling Dave by his name. He is just a very unlucky child who gets brutally abused by his mother. She is somewhat ashamed of what she does and so it makes her feel better not to call Dave by his first name. He is just an “It” in his mom’s world. She doesn’t want to think of him any differently than other kids. She won’t feel as guilty if she doesn’t show love to him by calling him by his name. By not acknowledging Dave, it shows that he is not important in her world.

Throughout his childhood, Dave feels unloved. He feels very alone and sad. By his mother doing these horrible things to him and when she doesn’t

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