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A Child Called It

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A Child Called It


Have you ever seen a tiger? If you haven’t I have the imfomation to the tiger. It is very beautiful to see. It has many stripes all over it’s body. And it likes to be in water to.

Now I’m going to tell you about it’s description. The size for the adult tiger range from 4.5(1.37)m to 9 feet (2.7)m long. Males are larger than female. There weight is about 500 pounds (230kg.); the other weight is about 250 pounds (115kg.) . A tigers highth is 34 feet (0.9-1.2m.) long. Another description is it’s color. It’s color is orange stripes on black with white underbelly.

The third thing I’m going to tell you about it’s habit. It’s lives in Asia. Some tigers live in areas with tall grass. Tigers are very good swimmers unlike other cats.

Now I’m going to tell you about what it eats! Tigers prey included small-medium mammals. Like boars, deer, wild cattle, mostly badgers and rabbits. They can eat up to 60-2,000 pounds in a day. They can eat 40 pounds of meat in one sitting. Tigers can eat up to 110 pounds of meat.

My 5th thing I’m going to tell you about is it’s fascinating facts. Their average litter size of tigers is two-three cubs. Cubs are born in safe places were other mammals can not find them except


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