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A Love Letter

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A Love Letter


Hi. You guys are watching a movie, and I am sitting here...haha. Anyways, I'm glad that you asked me to go to McDonald's with you today, it was good. will be real real cool if you have an overage check of $3,000. Holy smokes! :) I can't believe it's already Did you even get any work done today?? hehe I'm just kidding. What should we do tonight? Maybe something fun, I don't really know. There's not much going on in the big town of Indian River. We will think of something though. Maybe we can read another chapter later. If you're lucky! :) This keyboard is pretty sweet...I like how it's white. Alright well I don't have really anything else to say.

Love always,

Kelli xxoo


hi. Thankyou so much for going to McDonald's with Rich and I today, it was real cool of you to pay for mine. The $3,000 dollar overage check is like a dream come true, honestly, that will save a lot

of stress for me and I will be able to enjoy another semester with the love of my life.. and i'm serious about taking you somewhere for an overnight date, like on bachelor, but pretend i didn't

tell you so its more of a surprise.. I'm sure we will find something sweet to do tonight, maybe we could go catch a movie or somethin.. just being with you thou, is enough for me.. I've been thinking about that book, and it would be kickass if we could read another chapter tonight.. i'd like to finish it before we go back up north.. I'm glad you like my white keyboard and you are welcome to type on it whenever you want.. haha.. I think we are the sweetest people in the world honestly... and you make me laugh and you have to be the most gorgeous coolest girl in the entire world.. Not many girls can just hang out and just chill and be happy like you can and I appreciate every second with you.. anyway enough mushy shit.... I love you baby forever and EvEr..

Love Truly,




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