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A Report on How to Spend Spare Time

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A Report on How to Spend Spare Time

A Report on How to Spend Spare Time


As we know,college students have much spare time after class. As a college student we should learn how to use our spare time.sufficiently. These days,we have made a interview among one hundred students, including 50% girls and 50% boys, about how they spend their spare time. At the very beginning we divide our probable activities mainly into three parts:study,entertainment and social practice.


As to study, about 30% students take the way of attending extra class,such as Ў°New-orient EnglishЎ±, second foreign language class and so on; On the other hand, the rest 70% students learn by themselves, who think self-study may be more effective to them. As to entertainment, more than 40% students enjoy themselves in sports(most of whom are boys ), more than 30% students are absorbed in computer, and others enthusiasm in activities of studentsЎЇ union. Students who spend more time on computer insist that surfing on the internet or playing computer games are not as badly as some people think, they get proper relax and wide knowledge from it. As to social practice, thereЎЇre 30% students word as a tutor, whatЎЇs more, less than 40% students are busy with part-time job, others, on the contrary, have no such experiences at all.


1. Students

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