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Accounting Information Systems

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Accounting Information Systems

The first chapter is an overview of Accounting Information Systems.

.Accounting Information Systems - a collection of resources, such as people and

equipment to transform data into information.

.An organization depends on Information Systems in order to stay competitive.

.Two types of user in accounting information: external and internal.

External users include: Stockholders, investors, creditors, government agencies,

customers and vendors, competitors, labor unions, and the

public. They depend on a variety of outputs from an

organization's accounting systems.

Internal users: consist of managers, whose requirements depend on their level in

an organization or on the particular function they perform.

.Information Systems require the use of a computer technology in an organization to provide information to users. The information is a collection of computer hardware and software that transform data into useful information.

Different types of computer-bases information systems include:

Data Processing - known as Electronic data processing (EDP), performs transaction-oriented data processing

Management Information Systems (MIS) that provides decision riented information to managers.

Decision Support Systems, in which data are processed into a decision-making

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