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Chapter 11: Aggression: Its Nature, Causes, and Control

Theoretical Perspectives on Aggression: In Search of the Roots of Violence

• Instinct Theories and the Role of Biological Factors: Are We Programmed for Violence?

• Drive Theories: The Motive to Harm Others

• Modern Theories of Aggression: Taking Account of Learning, Cognitions, Mood, and Arousal

Determinants of Human Aggression: Social, Personal, Situational

• Cornerstones Of Social Psychology: The Buss Technique for Studying Physical Aggression: "Would You

• Electrocute a Stranger?" Revisited

• Social Determinants of Aggression: Frustration, Provocation, Media Violence, and Heightened Arousal

• Personal Causes of Aggression

• Beyond The Headlines: As Social Psychologists See It: Murder of the Truly Defenseless: When Mothers Go Berserk

• Situational Determinants of Aggression: The Effects of High Temperatures and Alcohol Consumption

Child Abuse and Workplace Violence: Aggression in Long-Term Relationships

• Child Maltreatment: Harming the Innocent

• Workplace Violence: Aggression on the Job

The Prevention and Control of Aggression: Some Useful Techniques

• Punishment: An Effective Deterrent to Violence?

• Catharsis: Does Getting It out of Your System Really Help?

• Cognitive Interventions: Apologies and Overcoming Cognitive Deficits

• Other Techniques for Reducing Aggression: Exposure to Nonaggressive Models, Training in Social Skills, and Incompatible Responses

Social Diversity: A Critical Analysis: "Would You Murder Someone You Truly Hated If You Could Get Away with It?" Cultural and Gender Differences in Aggressive Intentions

Connections: Integrating Social Psychology

Ideas to Take with You: Causes of Human Aggression: An Overview

Summary and Review of Key Points

Key Terms

For More Information

Chapter 12: Groups and Individuals: The Consequences of Belonging

Groups: Their Nature and Function

• Group Formation: Why

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