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Air Deccan Terms & Conditions

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Air Deccan Terms & Conditions


PASSENGER TICKET - Outbound Journey

AIR DECCAN (1 of 1 Ticket )

35/2 , Cunningham Road,

Opposite Canara Bank,Bangalore 560 052

PNR : DA04592503

ITINERARY DATE BOOKED: 19-Apr-2006 4:52 PM Agency:

Passenger Details Special Service Request

Adult Mr Nadesha Prabhu No Preferences


Flight No Departure Arrival

Airport Day Date Dep Time Airport Day Date Arr Time

DN-129 MAA Sun 23-Apr-06 19:15 HYD Sun 23-Apr-06 20:40


Fare Fees & Taxes Total

Adult (1) Child (0) Infant (0) PSF Transaction Fee

2278.00 0.00 0.00 221.00 25.00 2524.00


Check-in starts 2 hours prior to scheduled departure and checkin counters close 40 minutes before scheduled departure. Boarding will be denied without refund, except for taxes, if you do not comply with the CheckIn deadline. Groups having more than 10 members are required to check in at least 1 hour 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Every passenger is requested to kindly confirm, with the call centre at 39008888 the status of the flight 3 hrs prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Passengers are requested to be at the boarding gate 15 mins prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Absence to do so will be termed as a NOSHOW passenger. Air Deccan has a policy of free seating and does not provide pre-assigned seat numbers during boarding on any of its flights

Photo Identity: A person shall be denied boarding unless that person presents a ticket valid and duly issued in accordance with carrier's Regulations along with a valid photo identity to be produced at the time of check-in. A ticket is not transferable

Baggage Allowance: Maximum Check-In Baggage per Adult/Child is 15 Kgs. No Baggage is allowed for Infants. Maximum Cabin Baggage 10 Kgs/passenger not exceeding 20x14x9 inches. Excess Baggage will be charged at Rs.70/Kg on all ATR sectors and Airbus sectors. Checkin baggage allowance for Helicopter travel for Adult/Child is 5kg per head, Cabin baggage and excess baggage are not allowed in Helicopter flights. Due to airport security regulations, no cabin baggage is allowed on the Jammu-Delhi and the Srinagar-Delhi flight. Passengers are requested not to carry any valuables in their checked in baggage. Air Deccan will not take responsibility in event of loss/damage of the same in transit The Airline shall not take any responsibility for security removed articles.. Air Deccan is not liable for the delay in delivery on

checked in baggage that has not been uplifted. Air Deccan is not liable for damage occasioned by delay in the carriage by air of passengers or baggage. Receipt without complaint of registered baggage on termination of journey, shall be prima facie evidence that the baggage has been delivered correctly and in good condition.

Rescheduling of the ticket is only possible up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Thereafter, it is only possible to cancel the reservation. Rescheduling fee of Rs.200/- per passenger along with the fare difference will be charged for any postponements / advancements Tickets booked under Superflier/ Valueflier can be re-scheduled only once per passenger per sector as per the terms and conditions under these schemes.


72 hours of scheduled departure-10% of the basic fare + transaction fee.

72-48 hours of scheduled departure-20% of the basic fare + transaction fee

48-24 hours of scheduled departure-30% of the basic fare + transaction fee.

24-I hour of scheduled departure-50% of the basic fare + transaction.

Only taxes will be refunded in case the passenger is a No-Show or cancels within 1 hour from the scheduled departure time.No refund will be given to NO-SHOW passengers who do not

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