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Antigone the Fool

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Antigone the Fool

Antigone the Fool

Throughout the play Antigone, a reader might have mixed views on the main character Antigone. Some could conclude that Antigone is a character to be admired and honored: however she is foolish and too proud. While reading the play a reader could notice these traits. First Antigone could be considered foolish because she was impulsive and did not think her actions through. Next, Anitgone could be seen as too proud because she bragged about disobeying the law. Finally, Antigone could be viewed as a fool because she didn’t consider the wishes of others. Although there are mixed feelings and views on Antigone and her decisions, she is a fool and is no better than her uncle Creon.

First, Antigone should be considered a fool because she is an impulsive, fast acting person and did not think her actions through. During the events in the play Antigone was quick to decide what her actions would be. She did not think her thoughts through and weigh the consequences against the incentives. For instance when Antigone decided to bury her brother Polyneices, she jumped on her first instinct and did not think any further. When she asked her sister Ismene for help, Ismene realized that this was a foolish idea because the consequences were too great. If Anitgone would have done this she would not have died. Creon stated that the one who buries Polyneices would be stoned to death. This punishment it too great of a risk with too little of a reward. Furthermore, Antigone was swift to decide to go back to Polyneices’ body. Even after making the wrong decision about burying Polyneices body, she had gotten away with it. If Antigone would have let it go there she would have never faced the harsh punishment. Instead Antigone went back to the gravesite to pay her last respects. This was a wrong move and it cost her, and she was caught after that. Also, another reason Antigone is driven by impulse is she hung herself right after she was condemned to her vault. If she would have waited out longer she would have been set free when Creon had a change of heart. Antigone died because she was too quick with decision and did not think her thoughts through. Clearly this is a foolish trait.

Next, Antigone is a stubborn minded person who should be considered too proud because she bragged about burying her brother Polyneices against her Uncle Creon’s requests. Antigone was courageous when she buried her brother, even though King Creon said he would punish severely the person who defied his authority. After she did this deed, she bragged about it, when put before the king for punishment, as though it were a prize. Only a proud, foolish person would brag after they did something great. A real heroine would have went about it differently, and thought it was something she had no other choice but to. In addition after being accused she talked back to Creon. This is no way to talk to a king even if he is wrong. This shows that Antigone is too proud and is too arrogant. She thinks she is better than people which is a horrible quality. Antigone also continued to brag while she was being taken to the vault that she would spend eternity in. Even knowing

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