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Argumentative Paper

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Argumentative Paper

When an individual turns on the evening news, it is not uncommon for the leading story to show parents crying due to the loss of their child because of senseless violence. The tragedy continues as the legal system fails them by either not finding the murderer or failing to convict the murderer due to lack of evidence. As the time goes by it becomes harder and harder to believe that justice will prevail, in most cases, it does not. Back in the summer of 1964, two African American teenage boys were found murdered in the state of Mississippi (USA Today 2007). Due to the racial climate at that time, the death of a black boy was not thought to be an important event. A suspect was identified but due to the fact that he was a white man and a former sheriff's deputy, the case was never pursued. The case was reopened forty years later due the victim's family need for closure. The courts then found new evidence that helped the Feds lead to the arrest of the ex-deputy.

Since there has been a legal system in place, numerous

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