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Articles of Confederation V. Constitution

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Articles of Confederation V. Constitution

I have been asked to vote on my support for the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution. After much thought and consideration, I have realized that I support the Constitution. The constitution is more closely related to my values and I think it would be a great base for this new country.

I am a fisher man from Massachusetts. I take pride in my country so I was a Minute Man. I also fought against the British in the Revolutionary War and I was a follower of Samuel Adams before the war. I was also a member of the Committees of Correspondence.

I like the newly proposed Constitution because it gives the central government the right to directly tax. I fought against taxation without representation. I am glad that the newly proposed constitution includes this because it is one of my strong political opinions.

The new Constitution will also raise an army and build a navy. I am a soldier myself and I think having a set military is a very good idea. There should always be men ready to protect and fight for our country. It is impossible to keep a country running when there is no protection for it. We have already had two wars in this country and we didn’t have a set militia to defend us.

Having a two-house legislature will bring equality to all of the states. This will stop confusion and controversy when voting and passing laws. The Constitution has more in it to form our country and leaves less room for interpretation and confusion.

Even though I support the new Constitution, I am opposed to the fact that it allows foreign slave trade for 20 years and has no

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