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Black Boy

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Black Boy

Richard Wright writes Black Boy. It is a story of a boy, Richard Wright living in a racist world. He is exposed to many things such as fear, death, discrimination, moving from place to place, and hunger. By reading this book I understand more about the lives of the blacks, back then.

Richard Wright fought to survive in a world of prejudice. He tried everything to get away from hate, he would run away from home, and he went to drinking at a point. Prejudice affected his family in bad ways. His family began to hate also, they would take out their anger on others and it was difficult living with one another. As time went on they learned to deal with their prejudice world better.

Richard Wright learned to hate because that’s what he was exposed to. He didn’t have the life that people have today. He was beat for things he didn’t do and was falsely accused of. There were times when he would get aggressive, one time he took out a knife so he wouldn’t get beaten.

Hunger played a big role in Richard Wright’s life. He lived without food for a while. Then there were times when he rejected food because he believed it wasn’t right. He grew up poor so food was something

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