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Book Analysis

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Book Analysis

Pride and Prejudice is a good film because of its setting, characters, and theme. Between these three aspects of the movie, this love story has become one of the most cherished love stories in England over the years. It gives you all of the ups and downs of a love story while at the same time giving you a taste of what it was like during the time period it all took place.

It is a love story about the daughters in the Bennet family. There are five of them and Mrs. Bennet wants nothing more but to marry them all off to rich men. The two main characters are Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy who fall helplessly in love with each other after an extremely long period of time with insults, misjudgment and a little bit of hatred for each other in between. They meet at a ball where Mr. Darcy insults Elizabeth for her appearance which later catches up to him when he starts to have an interest in her and she denies him in every way possible. As time goes on and they run into each other more and more. Once when Elizabeth goes to help care for her sister at Darcy's friends home, another when Elizabeth is traveling with family and goes to Mr. Darcy's house thinking he isn't home and runs right into him along with a few other times throughout the story. Darcy writes a letter to Elizabeth explaining, apologizing and making justifications for everything that he has said and done over the time they have known each other. Elizabeth finally accepts his second proposal to marry to him and they live together at Pemberley.

The setting of this movie is in Longbourn. A rural part of England some point during the Napoleonic Wars which took place during the years of 1797-1815. I think that the place and the time period that were chosen for this story line worked perfectly together. The places they live, the way things were done, the way they spoke and the way they dressed all showed the time period very well also.

Elizabeth Bennet, who is the protagonist in the film, is a huge reason why the film is so good. The way her character is played shows a brilliant, confident and clever woman who stands for what she believes is real. She is played as a woman who can rise above any nonsense that is thrown her way in her judgmental society and

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