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California School Requires Student Id Tags

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California School Requires Student Id Tags

Based on information in the attached article, Principal Earnie Graham uses a purely traditional managerial approach in running Brittan Elementary School in Sutter, California. He clearly defines his authority when he says that it is within his power to set rules that promote a positive school environment. In his opinion, identification badges will improve things in school, therefore the students will wear badges. This is an example of hierarchy.

Managerial Model - The traditional managerial approach views the implementation of i.d. tags as an efficient way to monitor kids. Attendance-taking is streamlined thereby eliminating a level of record keeping. The Principal also notes that the potential exists for school vandalism to be reduced, which reinforces economic concerns expressed by the managerial view. Less vandalism means less expense in repairing damage caused by vandals. Another concern with the managerial approach is effectiveness. Graham states in the article that i.d. tags will improve student safety. Having a way of monitoring students whereabouts is bound to provide an additional safety measure, whether it be a youngster

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