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Can God's Existence Be Proven?

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Can God's Existence Be Proven?

Can God's existence be proven?

God existence has always been questioned, whether God exist in our minds or in reality. Personally, I had questioned God's existence but I never came up with the answer, and no one has done it yet. However, I believe God's existence through reasoning. In the reading," The Ontological Argument" by St. Anselm, he writes about God's existence by logic, and explains why.

Therefore, by reading the argument of St. Anselm it became clear to me that God existence is in reality and not in my mind. One reason I believe this is because if we sit down and start to analyze the situation about God's existence the most logical reason is that God is not only in our mind but also in reality. Why? Because if God's existence has been questioned for so many centuries, how come no has said that God is just an imaginary person? In the reading, St. Anselm writes," A being than which nothing greater can be conceived",(81) He makes this remark because we cannot think of anyone

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