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Catcher in the Rye

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Catcher in the Rye

“All teenagers have this desire to somehow run away”- Joan Chen. Teenagers have a hard time adapting to their surrounds and to the expectations that society has thrust upon them; they long to leave a world of stereotypes and predestined futures to become unique individuals. These themes are conveyed in The Catcher in The Rye where JD Salinger has captured the image of a teenagers struggle both mentally and emotionally in a story of coming of age. A critic of the book believes that Holden, the main character, displays a vivid spirit and stubborn attitude toward life that and that “Anyone….will be able to identify with this character.” I believe that many youths and adults alike can relate to Holden’s bizarre unrefined opinions and unusual experiences growing up. I strongly support this reviewer’s opinion on the book as I believe that society can empathize and understand Holden’s uncertainty and misinterpretations about worldly concepts as they have all gone through similar scenarios. Holden, along with many other teenagers share similar feelings to rebel and not conform to society. It is Holden’s insecurity and curiosity that are two traits that are typically displayed by most teenagers.

Holden's insecurities and rebellion go hand in hand and are obvious to anyone who reads the novel. His constant criticisms of people around him only emphasize that he is a great hypocrite as many young people are. His thoughts usually contradict whatever his actions are in society. For example when Holden sees a profanity written on his sisters school wall he thinks, “I kept wanting to kill the person who’d written it” (pg 201). Yet, he doesn’t take his own advice for he himself curses profusely without caring who overhears it. This only further proves the reviews opinion on the novel as Holden “captured the eternal angst of growing into adulthood.” So as you can see, Holden depicts teenagers hypocritical

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