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Cesar Chavez

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Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez was a famous labor leader. He helped out the agricultural workers in problems they faced in the work force. Chavez led several strikes to help the migrant workers get a higher pay and started a Labor Movement. Chavez also urged Mexican-Americans to register and vote. The actions that Chavez took called attention nationally. With his attitude and courage he led other Mexican-Americans to speak up and stand up for themselves. Cesar Chavez was a civil rights activist, a former farm worker and a leader.

Cesar Estrada Chavez was born on March 31, 1927 near Yuma, Arizona. Chavez was named after his grandfather, who escaped from slavery on a Mexican ranch and arrived in Arizona during the 1880s. Cesar was the second child of a family of six. Chavez began school at age seven, but he found it difficult because his family spoke only Spanish. At age 10, Chavez began life as a migrant worker when his father lost the land during the Depression. Chavez learned many things from his mother. She believed violence and selfishness were wrong and taught these lessons to her children. Chavez and his family packed their belongings and headed to California in search of work. In California, the Chavez fa

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In addition to the strike, he encouraged all Americans to boycott table grapes as a show of support. This law guaranteed farm

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