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Cis 319 Paper 1

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Cis 319 Paper 1

I began with International Affairs in 2001, at the University of South Florida and since then I've been exposed many different types of office automations and group collaboration software. The purpose of this memorandum is to inform you that in the past several years I've had opportunity to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of some of the office automation and group collaboration software used within our

Throughout the years old and new mechanisms have given office automation a new meaning. Before telephones, I can not imagine how business communicated with each other and their customers. There are some disadvantages of telephones, with constant disruptions while working, which may reduce efficiency. In contrast, there are great advantages and benefits, in the use of the telephone. Our office is equipped with Lucent Technology telephones, which offer the name and number of the person calling. I can not explain how much this feature alone has assisted me personally. For instance, while I was on the phone I was able to see a co-worker calling, which allows me to return his phone call just as soon as I get off the phone, this allow information flow through the organization efficiently. When we thought we could not reach a co-worker at the office, "pager" made it all possible. We could simply dial an employee pager number, and input the telephone you wish. Now, we could reach anyone with a pager anywhere. Since, cell phones have been invented it seems we can't live without them. Cell phones have become more evolutionary than ever before playing a huge role in our organization, for instance, while traveling on business meeting. Cell phones have a wide variety of features, which makes our work a lot easier, with voicemail, text messages,

voice integrated, even with blue tooth capabilities, which allow hands free, while inquiring directions to a conference meeting.

I come to realize dealing with immigration documents how important it is to date documents as they arrive, in International Affairs. With several hundred documents arriving daily the automatic date/time stamp has really made dating documents accurately much more efficient. I learned to appreciate automated mail meter as I processed hundreds of certificates of eligibility for nonimmigrant students (I-20). The automated mail

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