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Sing the Sorrow is a very interesting cd. If you like AFI, and you have Sing the Sorrow, you should read this. Actually, it has lots of things you'll never know if you don't read this.

Okay, before this album came out, they released a 10" disk, and called it "336". No one could figure out why, and it was a bit of a secret. All they would really tell us was that when Sing the Sorrow came out, it would all be made clear. Well, they dropped some hints in the meantime. One time while upgrading the messageboard, they left links to astrology, numerology, and the ummm.... I think the chinese zodiac? Another time, a hint was dropped... they said that "336" wasn't really important.. it was just "what comes before." It came before Sing the Sorrow. Meaning that STS was "337." And we really had to figure out what 337 meant.

Also, there were the rabbits. They had posters and stuff with rabbits on them. And other weird mentions of rabbits. In the liner notes from STS, it says, "Rabbits are roadkill."

So Sing the Sorrow came out, and no one could figure it out. Then their short film, "Clandestine" came out. It had the cd, the dvd short film, and a 60 page little hardcover book, which was like a big colored version of the cd booklet. Thw whole style is of faded, worn pages. The pages are old and stained... brownish stains.. But as you flip through the book, you begin to realize that some of the stains and smudges are actually red. All of the stains are actually blood, and dried blood.

(I haven't seen the film in a long time, so I might have a few details wrong.) Now, in the film, it starts with Hunter holding a box with the Sing the Sorrow logo on it, running through the forest. He looks at a paper, and keeps running. The paper gets dropped, and you see that it says Room 37 at 3:33. He runs into a classroom full of kids. The board says, "nothing from nowhere." Then you see Adam playing cards. The box is on the table (in the pot), along with a watch, keys, a magnifying glass, a bottle of dark fluid, a white chrysanthemum, and a live rabbit. Adam has 336 in his hand. He wins, takes the box, and goes to leave, but the box falls apart in his hands. You see that two of the guys at the table have actually smuggled away the real box. It flashes to Dave in a cafe. He is writing in a book (the book that comes with Clandestine... it's like the cd booklet, but better), with the box on the table. A strange woman comes up and kisses him, stealing the box. She leaves, and he goes back to writing. He notices the box is gone, and leaves. It flashes to Jade walking into the classroom, (the board says "I am no one at all." and through another door in the class, which leads him into a house. You see him snooping through the house. Going upstairs, going through drawers, looking behind dressers, etc. He goes into the bathroom, and the tub is filled with a black fluid. He reaches in, and pulls out the box. You see a hand at the door of the bathroom (maybe the hand of the woman from the cafe?), trying to open it. They unlock the door (with the keys from the card table?) Jade jumps into the tub, going down, down into the water. He comes walking out of the water on a beach. He walks across the sand to a small table where all the members sit waiting. He places the box on the table, and they open it. End of film. You never see what is or isn't inside. Throughout the movie, it flashes the clock, which, for every person's scene, is on 3:33, and at the very end, I believe it's 3:37.

Now, I have friends that spent forever figuring this out, and I helped some. They looked up esoteric astrology, chinese astrolgy, and numerolgy, among other things. Clandestine means something secret or hidden. Esoteric also means hidden.

"Miseria Cantare" is Latin for "Sing the Sorrow."

3 x 37 = 111. I'm not positive, but I hear that 777 represents god, or perfection. In Transference, Dave wrote, "I'm 111 less than perfection." 777 - 111 = 666. Dun dun DUUUUNNN. (P.S., NO, they are in no way devil worshippers. Just for your info.) Also, Three denotes divine perfection; Seven denotes spiritual perfection.

In esoteric astrology, 336 represents physical death, and the events leading up to it. There were only 2 songs on the 336 disk. Some of the lyrics of one of the songs say, "We're all now in dying days.... I gave up fighting. I've come to be these halos."

337 represents the act of reincarnation.

This is important: In chinese astrology, Dave is a RABBIT.

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