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Coca-Cola Company Crisis Management

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Coca-Cola Company Crisis Management


Human Resource Planning is a crucial component in human resource management; the company's business strategy determines the content of human resource planning. However, these contents provide a direction to establish the human resource management system, such as promotion programs, education and training programs, reward and motivation programs. Human Resource Planning has been identified as a significant method to develop the skills and talents of individuals, and to achieve the long-term goals in organizations. This essay will discuss the definition and function of human resource planning, the process of human resource planning, and then give relevant example to illustrate the views.

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Definition of human resource planning

When considering human resource planning, it is important to make sure its definition. From the soft and hard aspects of the planning process, Human Resource Planning is "the process for identifying an organization's current and future human resource requirements, developing and implementing plans to meet these requirements and monitoring their overall effectiveness (Beardwell, I. & Holden, L. P159)." Therefore, human resource planning is a systematic and sustained process in order to meet the organizational requirements

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