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Competentencies: Ability To: Communicate Effectively

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Competentencies: Ability To: Communicate Effectively


Ability to: Communicate effectively

I communicate orally and in writing. I have written instruction manuals and pamphlets. I have taught Evidence Preservation to Police Officers, wrote memos and reports. I have communicated with persons in a variety of situations from incarceration and removal of basic freedoms to victims of rape, robbery, and witness to homicides or fatalities. I am both a good speaker and a good listener. I have testified in court on numerous Criminal Cases. In my opinion listening is an essential part of communicating. If you don't listen, you don't know what the problem is and therefore you cannot correct it.

I had contact with County Offices, Regional Offices, Operations, Motor Vehicle Division, and Regional Task Forces. When they have questions concerning the Salvage Licensing program, I am considered the expert.

I have worked as a dispatcher in law enforcement for the Police Department, The Highway Patrol and the County Sheriffs office. I had to take the calls, and communicate information to the officer in a clear and concise manner.

I've written reports for business and for law enforcement. These were criminal reports and general information reports.

I testified in Court on evidence presented in Criminal Cases, on where and when evidence was gathered, and whom or what it was taken from and chain of evidence. I wrote reports to the FBI requesting analysis on pieces of evidence.

Developing and making presentations, Public speaking and Public relations.

I have a Train the Trainer Certification from the State of . I taught title and registration classes to all new state employees in a group setting in Phoenix every other month. Arizona required that all employees be certified within the first year of employment. I had to make a lesson plan and submit for approval. Make the overheads and other teaching aids as needed. I had to present the material to the group, usually 25 or more persons, make sure they learned the material presented and test on the knowledge that had been presented. The individual had to pass the final certification class in order to maintain employment.

I taught new employees to do the work required. I updated all employees on any new Policies or Procedures. I maintained the Title and Registration books.

I scheduled all training for employees. STATE policy required all employees to be certified by the state to issue titles, registration and drivers licenses. Employees were required to have 32 hr. yearly to keep their certifications current.

I was part of a group organized to convert STATE Title and Registration system to incorporate Drivers Licensing and Vehicle Inspections. The state combined these functions to facilitate over the counter titles and drivers licensing, have instant update on the system and smooth the progress of 'one stop shopping'. All employees had to be re-certified and a tremendous amount of time and effort went into the project.

Knowledge of: Arbitration, mediation and negotiation

The police department was Teamsters Union. I was on the contract negotiation board several years. The whole process was concessions and bartering. You gave some and they gave some until you came up with a workable agreement both parties could live with.

This same strategy was used when dealing with the public. You were always trying to solve a dispute, especially family disturbance calls. Prior to a State Legislative change we didn't have the teeth in the law to do much about this type of problem so we arbitrated, mediated and negotiated.

Hostage negotiations with the Air Force was a give and take scenario, you had to know what you could give and what had to be referred to someone higher up the chain of command. You had to know when negotiations were no longer working and when the situation was not going any further without the use of force to possibly save or

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